Mixer Taps

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Revolutionize Your Home with Style and Efficiency

Welcome to Topware, where we bring sophistication and functionality right to your doorstep. Our range of mixer taps is crafted to meet the diverse needs of Australian homes, catering specifically to Melbourne’s unique style and beyond.

1- Mixer Taps Melbourne

In Melbourne, where contemporary living and cutting-edge design are a way of life, our mixer taps fit right in. At Topware, we understand that Melburnians appreciate the fusion of sleek design with practical utility. Our collection of mixer taps in Melbourne is curated to enhance the city’s modern homes, bringing a sense of urban elegance to your kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Our mixer taps are more than just fixtures; they are statements of style. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, we offer a range of designs from minimalist to bold, ensuring there’s a tap to match your Melbourne vibe. With easy installation and robust functionality, our mixer taps stand as a testament to Melbourne’s dynamic and ever-evolving lifestyle.

2- Basin Mixer Taps:

Basin mixer taps are all about bringing effortless style and convenience to your bathroom. Topware’s range of basin mixer taps is designed to be a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. These taps allow you to control the temperature and flow of water with ease, making them a practical choice for any bathroom.

Our basin mixer taps come in a variety of styles and finishes, ensuring they complement your bathroom’s decor. Whether it’s a chrome finish for a modern look or a matte finish for a more understated elegance, our taps add a touch of sophistication to your basin.

3- Bathroom Mixer Taps

Elevate your bathroom experience with Topware’s bathroom mixer taps. Our range is specifically designed to add functionality and flair to your bathroom. These taps are an essential component of modern bathrooms, offering a convenient and efficient way to access the perfect water temperature.

With Topware’s bathroom mixer taps, you get durability and style. These taps are made to withstand the test of time, ensuring your bathroom retains its allure for years. Choose from a variety of designs to match your bathroom theme, be it contemporary or classic.

4-Kitchen Mixer Taps

In the heart of your home, the kitchen, Topware’s kitchen mixer taps stand as a beacon of efficiency and elegance. Designed to meet the needs of a busy kitchen, our taps provide both hot and cold water and are easy to maneuver, making kitchen chores a breeze.

Our kitchen mixer taps come in various styles, from pull-out taps for added functionality to swivel taps for ease of use. They are not just about utility but also about elevating the overall look of your kitchen.

At Topware, we’re dedicated to bringing quality and style to Australian homes. Our mixer taps, available in Melbourne and beyond, are a perfect example of this commitment. Whether for your basin, bathroom, or kitchen, our taps provide the perfect finishing touch, blending seamlessly into the Australian lifestyle. Choose Topware for taps that transform your everyday spaces into realms of style and efficiency.